Flash Flood takes School Kids

Eight school children were taken by a flash flood at Piaya this week. Flash floods along dry river beds are part of desert and semi-desert living. Every year there are people who figure that the water isn’t that deep yet and that they can still cross. Frequently it is a miscalculation and they drown, especially children. At Piaya the kids were taking their regular route through the dry river bed to school. They were caught by the rushing water on the wide river bed, a sandy water course that is usually dry as a bone. I have heard of cars and even trucks taken by the sudden surging waters. Years ago, one of our missionaries, Ed Hearn, on his brand new Yamaha motorcycle was on the way to the secondary school of Oldoinyo Sambu. The flash flood on a dry river bed took the bike as Ed jumped free. The bike was found far downstream a total wreck. Did I dream that Ed?

2 thoughts on “Flash Flood takes School Kids”

  1. Yes Sally, living in this very harsh desert environment things can go bad very quickly. Piaya is visible from the front porch of my house here at Olbalbal. It is to the North accross the plains. Thanks for your comment.

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