February 25, 1973

Dear Mom,

A couple of the brothers and myself went down to see “The Night of the Generals” movie this afternoon in downtown Nairobi, and on the way back we stopped at the post office and your letter was there. Wonderful! Great! Really glad to hear that you and Aunt Meg are coming. June is usually an excellent time in Maasailand. You’ll need sweaters and maybe even jackets, not pants though, except maybe for Nairobi, which is a very European town. Pants don’t go over real well with the ordinary people, at least on women. June here would be much like our fall, cool at night but like summer during the day. The rains will be over by then, so there will be a minimum of difficulty in getting around, but on the other hand, there should be plenty of grass, so plenty of animals should be in evidence. If you were to plan on three weeks here, you’d have just about enough time to spend a few days in Kijungu, visit some of our other places, spend a couple of days on the Serengeti and at Ngorongoro and finally spend a little time in Nairobi. There will be no problem about me spending the whole time with you. Travel light, wash and wear. This thing of constantly fooling around with heavy bags at one airport after another can really be a problem. I never take anything more than I can carry on the plane. You’ll have to bring more than that, but do with as little as possible.

The course is going well. It involves a lot of listening to tapes to get the correct pronunciation. I think some of it is beginning to sink in.

Looking forward to the trip. Thanks for sending the clothes and will say the Mass.



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