Electric Drill Makes Great Coffee

Arthritis is a pain in the butt and many other places too. For years I’ve had trouble using a can opener to open my cans of tuna. Tuna is one of the staples of my culinary prowess. Another major “pain” has been using my hand coffee grinder. I hate instant coffee, even the Tanzanian variety that most other people seem to like. For years I’ve ground my own every morning and had a sore right wrist every morning for all of those years. When I bombarded a recent visitor with my complaints about a sore wrist from grinding coffee every morning, he commented: “Why don’t you use that thing? He had noticed my rechargeable electric drill sitting on my desk. I have a small hundred and fifty watt inverter (12VDC to 120VAC) that I use to charge rechargeable stuff whose chargers need to be plugged into the wall. My electric drill is rechargeable as is my flashlight. We removed the hand crank from the coffee grinder and plugged it into the drill. Amazing, it ground my coffee to perfection. I’ve been using the coffee grinder and the drill for years but never thought to put the two together. Best of all, I haven’t had a sore right wrist in a week.

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