Easter Morning

The Easter vigil services began at about 10:00PM and our small open chapel was packed with standing room only. Many people came from distances and stayed overnight here at the mission. There was cooking and much conversation till the early hours. This morning people were up early lighting the cooking fires and slaughtering the goats and sheep for our Easter celebration. We will have well over a hundred baptisms at our Easter celebration and we’re expecting large numbers of people for the feast afterwards. Here are a few of the pictures I took a little while ago as the preparations began.

2 thoughts on “Easter Morning”

  1. It is neat to see the Maasai people in Obalbal celebrate Easter just as we do and people all over the world.  No matter what language we speak the message is still the same.  Love seeing the pictures you included.    

  2. Thanks Heather for your reply and comment. It was some day alright. There were over a hundred baptisms and hundreds of people for the party. Hope you and Steve are doing well.

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