Donkey Trouble

It was early morning at Loromunyi, a forested area high above the plains at Olbalbal. Losetu and his wife Ngoyo left their village driving a small group of donkeys to draw water. Each of the small grey bests was loaded with two five gallon plastic containers in leather saddle bags. The donkeys were irritable and very thirsty, one small grey mare especially so. She was always bad tempered. This donkey never missed an opportunity to give another donkey a solid kick when she had a chance. Nearing the spring, the small herd of donkeys jostled each for the chance to have the first taste of the sweet spring water. The mare saw her chance and let loose with a tremendous kick. Unfortunately, Losetu was in the line of fire not another donkey.

Fortunately, help came quickly and Losetu was carried down the mountain on an improvised stretcher and a car was found to take him to Endulen hospital that is two hours away. He was kicked in the stomach and clearly was very seriously injured. We’re waiting to hear something from Endulen.

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