Donkey Solar Attack

Surrounding my solar panel with thorn bushes has not been enough to keep out the donkeys. Every day Maasai ladies come for water and those that live a distance come with their donkeys to carry very heavy five gallon container back to their villages. The donkeys have little to do while waiting to be loaded with plastic water containers. They nose around and get into everything. One blundered into my small living room the other day. Looked around, found nothing of interest and ambled back out. Theirs is a mostly boring job.

This morning, sitting at my desk, I heard the line to the fold up solar panel just outside the window being pulled by something. Fearing a silent high wind attack, I jumped up and ran outside. A curious donkey and somehow penetrated the thorn bush protective fence surrounding my fold up solar panel and become tangled in the line leading into the house through the window. Fortunately, after dragging the panel a few yards, it managed to disentangle itself and made off. No harm done to the hardy solar panel but a wakeup call to build a better fence.

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