December 10, 1977

Dear Mom,

… Merry Christmas – as you see by the stamp, I’m now in Kenya and will be going off tomorrow to a Borana mission on the Northern Frontier – quite close to Yavello as a crow flies. If you look at your map of East Africa, look first at Moyale, which is right on the border – then a little to the left and you will see Sololo. This is where I will be working until it is feasible to go back to Yavello. The people are Borana so the language and all will be the same. Also it feels like coming home to be talking Swahili again, which is the Lingua Franco here in Kenya as it is in Tanzania. The missionaries up there are Verona – same as the ones we worked with in Ethiopia. I’ll write you about the place later on…

Merry Christmas to All



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