Death Rites

OloCuru went off early this morning with his sister, nephew and niece. His father died some three weeks ago and now the family is gathering from all over to “drink water”, the final death rights performed for a Maasai. OloCuru and his small band of family are traveling ten hours by foot North to Oldoinyo’gol  to the boma of his dead father. A black sheep without blemish will be slaughtered and shared by the family. They will drink a bitter soup made from the meat and fat of the sheep and with harsh herbs. Then, the various bits and pieces the dead elder wore, wire bracelets and beaded ornaments will be shared out among the family, each person receiving something touched by the old man. Finally, all members of the family, male and female from the oldest to the smallest infant will have their head shaved.  The ceremonies completed, the family will disperse and all will return to wherever they came from. OloCuru will return with the children here to Olbalbal where the two young girls and a boy are attending the local primary school.

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