Buff Attack

This week saw another attack on an old man by a cape buffalo. It seems that as we get into the wet season with more green grass at lower elevations, The buffalo are moving with the grass. These huge cow resembling animals are more and more in evidence near us here on the edge of the Serengeti plains. It was late evening and the Maasai elder was walking home from the trading center shops here at Olbalbal. He surprised an old bull resting in a thicket next to the footpath. The center of the huge horn structure impacted him on the chest and forehead. Fortunately, those razor sharp points on the horns missed him by inches on each side. The man passed out and was found the next morning by women on their way to draw water. Help came in the form of young warriors who carried the man to our local government clinic. It seems that, aside from a couple of broken ribs, the fellow is ok. He is now recovering at a village near the mission.

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