Blessing of the “Olkuma”

Blessing with milk
smearing the “okuma” with oil

Today I blessed the ceremonial knobkerrie of the new Maasai spokesman. Olendoiki had a bad fall a few weeks ago when getting down from a land rover. He dislocated his knee joint. Till the middle of December, he will have to wear a cast so his travel to settle disputes among the Maasai is put on hold for the time being. He mainly sits in the shade in his village and passes the time in conversation with people that come to visit.

Our blessing was accomplished with prayer, anointing with oil of both the Olendoiki and his “olcuma”, the sign of his office as Oleguanani, and a generous sprinkling of “Engare pus”, water mixed with milk from a the ceremonial gourd. There was plenty of singing and tea afterward.

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