Bad Water

Oiti is the name of a tree with small thorns and also the name of a area of Olbalbal. In recent days many people have come from Oiti to the small government clinic here at Olbalbal complaining of serious stomach cramps and vomiting. The people figured that it must be from the water of a small dam at Oiti where everyone draws water. But no one could figure out why the water had all of a sudden gone bad. Then a zebra was found rotting away in the deepest part of the pool. The people have dragged the zebras carcass out of the dam and hopefully the problem will clear up. The bad water has so far killed two people and made many others very ill.

The Health Department has now intervened and told people to move away from the area that uses the small dam as their water source. From what I am hearing the people have now moved. There are still a few ill people arriving at our government clinic, but most of those affected are recovering.

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