August 17, 1972

Day before yesterday we had a second Baptism here in Kijungu. It looks like although we have had a good deal of opposition because of the death of the elder in the first boma, it’s not having quite the disasterous effect we thought it would have. As a result of seeing this ceremony, four other villages have expressed interest in hearing the Christian message.

We are in the midst of the dry season again and it is difficult to figure what the cattle are eating. We are in much better shape here at the mission this year because of the tank I put in about three hundred yards below the house. This tank fills slowly from the spring and then I pump it from there up to the house, where there is another tank to receive it.

I’ve started to raise goats and have eighteen now. Here in Massailand, it is the custom to kill a goat when a distinguished visitor comes and since the goats are often very hard to get just at the time you need one, I’ve now assured myself of a constant supply.

The Masses you asked for in your letters are all taken care of and the pants are just what I needed for bike safaris.

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