August 14, 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m here at Soit Somba again teaching until Friday. We had good crowds for the meetings yesterday and this morning. It’s always amazing how much the bible story of creation resembles their story of the beginning of the world. After the meeting this morning at a place called Kartalo about eight miles from here, they continued to look at the picture of the creation story for about an hour, explaining the different parts to each other. It has the man, woman and many animals in it.

I’m getting better and better all the time in the area of cooking. I tried bread for the first time yesterday. It’s a problem not having a stove but an African showed me how to make one out of a cast off kerosene tin. Yesterday was the first time I tried it and it turned out well. The teacher and I had bread with our coffee this morning.

Brother Francis Sullivan has agreed to build me a small portable house, which can be put together and dismantled in sections. I will be able to use it here as long as needed and then move it on to some other place. It will be a simple affair.



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