April 8, 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

We’ve had a break in the rains the last couple of days. I was able to drive out to my place at Soit Sombu. The river between here and there had gone down to a depth of three feet from seventeen feet on Saturday. One of the tricks I’ve learned here is to remove the fan belt when going through deep water. With it off you can travel through streams up to the motor. There was a pile of sand washed down by the water on one side, which took us two hours to remove. This kind of thing is quite normal here, as were the two days I camped by the side of the river waiting for it to go down. One of the hardest things I’m learning is not to be in a hurry.

Food is still a problem for the townspeople, but the Maasai have never had it so good. Milk is flowing like water, and all the cattle are fat and healthy. In the dry season they are hungry most of the time and in the wet season there is so much milk sometimes they have to dump it. Africa really is a land of extremes.



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