April 15, 1979

Dear Mom,

………. I arrived back from Nomad Meeting in Kenya the middle of February, coming by road thru Moiyale. Was able to spend time at the Borana mission of Maimona, which is located between Marsibit and Lake Turkana (used to be called Lake Rudolf). They are doing much the same work which we are now about to begin.

I’m here in Addis to get my ID card back. When I left the country, I had to turn it in but we have to carry it at all times here in Ethiopia. Iede tried to get the card when he came up last week to see Vince off and do some shopping, but they said I must come in person. I arrived just a couple of hours ago. I plan to go to a movie tonight, pick up the ID card as soon as the offices open tomorrow and start back down south after lunch tomorrow.

We started to teach religion in the villages about a month ago. We’re holding prayer services that are integrated into their traditional coffee ceremony. I guess it’s like the Asian tea ceremony in its formality, but here the similarity ends. Having coffee together is the normal way the Borana have prayers as a village or family. We are writing quite a bit about these things and will get copies to you as we put them out. Iede wrote a newsletter about our initial meeting with all the elders of our area to explain this thing of going to them for prayer services. This initial meeting included the coffee ceremony.

Thanks a lot for the two boxes you sent – they arrived last week in good shape. I really appreciate everything you send. I seem to wear out stuff fast…



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