April 15, 1977

Dear Mom,

Iede and I are off to Addis tomorrow to get the car fixed and buy some parts for the bike – neither one is working very well. We are missing Eef’s expertise in mechanics. The rest of us can do very little when it comes to engines, and there is little in the way repair facilities this far south. There is a chance of getting a used bike from one of the Italians going on leave. It would be quite a bit bigger than the one I have and therefore better for traveling around down here. The small one was ok for language school but is a bit small for travel of any distances and especially unsuited for carrying a passenger.

……….I’m glad to hear so many people were there for the funeral. This is one of the hard things about being so far away – not being able to be with family at important times like these. Despite the sadness of the occasion, I’m sure it did everybody a lot of good to get together.

Vince has been gone five weeks now, so he should be turning up in two or three weeks. We’re hoping to get quite a bit of help from the missionaries working with the Borona in Kenya. Materials on language, customs, etc. It will also be good to hear the news from Tanzania. I hope that you and Aunt Meg haven’t given up the idea of coming. I will let you know as soon as things quiet down here.

The garden is doing well. Right now we’re getting celery, sweet peppers, onions, egg plant, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, beets, carrots, sage, thyme, parsley, chervil, marjoram, cress, dill, basil, leeks, garlic and coriander. Sounds like a lot when you write it down. I will say the masses you requested…..



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