Fr. Philip Massawe visits Olbalbal

This past week our Spiritan boss here in Tanzania, Fr. Philip Massawe spent a couple of days with us here at Olbalbal. He had the chance to accompany me on a couple of visits to Maasai villages for prayer services and a Maasai mass at Ngoile, the outstation some five miles from the main mission here at Meshili. At Ngoile there was a feast of goat prepared by the the Christian community. It was a good visit with time to talk with him about my work here at Olbalbal. After visiting all the Maasai missions here at Ngorongoro, Endulen, Nainokanoka, Olbalbal and Joe Herzstein’s Mission on the lip of the crater, we had a meeting. Joe hosted the gathering with roasted goat and rice. During the meeting part there was discussion of inculturation and the various needs of the missions.

Fr. Philip is received with a gift of a Maasai Blanket.
Spiritans from the Ngorongoro missions gather for a meeting with Fr. Philip.

During his stay, Philip had a chance to use my bucket shower and others joys of living in the bush. I use a bucket with a shower head attached and filled with water heated over our open cooking fire.and others joys of living in the bush.

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