Lenkangu Hopeful

Lenkangu at his Teacher Training College

Lenkangu graduated from Teacher Training College Last May, one year ago. Together with his classmates he has been waiting for the Education Department to assign him to a school to begin his teaching career. The class before his has also been waiting to be posted. For them it has been a two years since they graduated.

Lenkangu teaches in our remedial school for weak students.
Lenkangu speaks to the parents of the weak students.

In recent days the government has let go almost ten thousand civil servants because bogus school leaving certificates. Many teachers are among them. Since this has left numerous schools throughout the country understaffed, Lenkangu is hoping that he and his classmates will be hired to fill the vacated teaching positions. There are thousands of Teacher Training School graduates from all over the country hoping for a posting.

Lenkangu giving a prize to a Ngoyo, who has made a huge improvement.
Lenkangu plays for and manages our village football team.

Lenkangu has been doing volunteer teaching at the local grade school and has received some financial help ($225 dollars over the course of the year) from the school and from the village of Olbalbal. He has now been doing the volunteer work for a year now and is hoping to get is teaching career onto a more solid basis.

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