April 26, 1966

Dear Mom and Dad,

…Living with the Massai for the two days was really great. They live on milk almost exclusively. I found that I like it very much and after getting used to drinking out of the gourds they used, I was in good shape. I brought along a few cans of meat and a loaf of bread to supplement the milk. In the evening, the hut we stayed in was packed with kids all wanting to get a look the odd looking white visitors. Before long they were teaching us Massai games and having a great time…

It was dusk and the sun was just dropping below the rim of the crater (Ngorongoro) when we tried the lights on the land rover and found they wouldn’t turn on. I got out to look under the hood to see if a wire was loose. Just after I switched on the flashlight, I heard galloping hooves, a zebra passed me within about a foot. Chasing him about three yards behind was a large male lion, which also passed me within touching distance. After the lion, also running full out was a hyena. Needless to say that was the end of the repair work. We passed the night in the land rover on the floor of the crater.



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