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Dusty welcome

Arriving here at Olbalbal yesterday I find the country bone dry. Two months and two artery operations ago the country was green and lush. Now I find myself in a world where there is little grass and thus little milk and the Maasai are struggling. Yet, it is good to be back and to smell the dusty plains of Maasai country.

Wild Flowers

Olbalbal landing rainsThe rains have been good this year. As the wet season tapers off and comes to an end wild flowers take charge. The depression below our air strip has become a lake and and will the cattle and sheep herds of Olbalbal will drink from it for months to come.

Going Home

After a couple of months in the states, I’m returning to Tanzania next week. Stints were needed in my heart and leg. All that went well and now I’m spending a very blustery week with my two sisters at their place on Lake Champlain in Northern Vermont. There was snow here just a few weeks ago. On the 18thof June, after refueling stops in Rome and Addis Abeba, I’ll be back home Maasai country.