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Sand and Rocks

The new car is just great. I had a carrier made for the roof to carry stuff the people are always asking me to take along for them, bags of corn and beans together with the occasional goat. Our tracks are rocky and often deep with sand, but the new car seems to take everything in stride.

High School Graduation

Moisan showed up on the front steps of Endulen Mission 20 years ago. Her mother brought her from far in the bush hoping to enroll her in the local primary school. She stayed with us under the care of Mrs. Tropia Mushi. Now, all these years later, Moisan has graduated from high school and is ready to begin junior college. At the celebration last week, Moisan talked of her hopes to become a doctor and work in Maasai country.

Lenkangu also graduated high school last week. Lenkangu showed early on in kindergarden that he would do well in school. As I remember, he was the only student able to count up to 25 in the Swahili language, very different from the Maasai that he spoke at home. Lenkangu is looking for a career in science. Time will tell where he will go with his love of the science laboratory.

I am very proud of these two Maasai young people that I have supported and encouraged over the years. They now prepare to begin junior college next year, and I must look for the funds to enable them to continue their studies.

Lenkangu with his father, mother and sister

Torture test for New Car

Olbalbal has a brand new shiny car. After mass here at the mission yesterday, 26 people piled in for the eight mile trip for the second service at Ngoile. New springs and shocks got the torture test. Normally, the car should carry 12 including the driver. Here it is very hard to limit the number of passengers. The final passenger yesterday was a very old lady. On being told that there was simply no more room, she crouched down demonstrating how little room she would occupy. She managed to squeeze in.