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With Sergius is his wife, Mourven, and daughters Maroska,

senator ‘misspoke’ after calling donald trump a role model

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replica oakley sunglasses Trump wins, everyone at the party will be absolutely devastated and depressed. Terrified, actually. I have to believe most people think it not possible for him to win, but if he did win, it would change the mood of the room for sure. Marko Sergius and his family were at Ardsley Village Hall on June 11 for the lottery for 17 affordable condominiums. His name was picked sixth. With Sergius is his wife, Mourven, and daughters Maroska, left, and Melissa.(Photo: David McKay Wilson/The Journal News)Story Highlights176 applicants are vying for 17 affordable condominiums in ArdsleyThe 2 and 3 bedroom units sell for $228,000 to $242,500Each unit carries a taxpayer financed subsidy of about $167,000A family of four can earn more than $83,000 to qualifyAt the lottery of 176 applicants for 17 affordable Waterwheel condominium apartments in Ardsley, Marko Sergius sat patiently in the back row with his wife, and two girls, ages 3 and 5.. replica oakley sunglasses

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cheap oakley sunglasses So he started ISS licensed as a vocational school in Washington; tuition is $4 cheap oakleys,300 in the face of complaints from stunt families that he was revealing their secrets. Since then, ISS graduates have worked in some of the biggest projects in the industry: “Harry Potter,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “12 Years a Slave,” “The Hunger Games,” “Jurassic World,” “Indiana Jones,” “Sherlock Holmes” and many others. “There’s nothing better than seeing the credits for something like ‘Game of Thrones,’ ” Boushey says, “and thinking, ‘Hey! Roy Taylor! Class of 1998!’ ” cheap oakley sunglasses.

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