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Solar, Kilimanjaro Coffee and a Hot Shower

My electricity system here is severely limited. The small (10 inch screen) ACER computer that I use has a 12 volt adapter, thereby bypassing the need for an inverter. My iPhone that is also a “hotspot” using the app “MyWi” also uses at 12 volt adapter as does my LED light that I use to cook and to read at night. That is my complete electricity system. I’ll use it in this way for a while to see if the 60watt fold up panel is maintaining a good charge on the 100AH battery. If things continue to go well, I’ll add a couple more LED lights. Each of the five lights that I brought back with me from the states has 30 LED bulbs. They are great lights. Another part of my life here is a hot shower every morning. With water heated on the small kerosene stove, I fill a bucket with an attached shower head and hang it from the ceiling. Also, with a hand coffee grinder and the best beans from Kilimanjaro, I use my French press to have great cup of coffee every morning. Life is good at Olbalbal.

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