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Packing up

In five days I’ll board an Ethiopian Airlines flight that will take me back to Tanzania. I’m wondering if they will be serving “Injera b’wat”, that wonderful large flat bread with meat and vegetable sauces and cream cheese. Anyway, I’ll soon be back at Ngorongoro Crater to open the new mission at Olbalbal. I hear that it has been raining so the neighboring Serengeti will be green and dotted with herds of wildebeest, Thomson Gazelle and zebra. The Maasai cattle will be out on the plains enjoying the rich green grass and rain ponds. It will be good to go home.

4 Responses to “Packing up”

  1. Steven Marchessault on 05/12/2011 #

    Good luck packing Ned.

    Wow Ethiopian Airlines looks like they have good food on board:

    I realized why my last comment from your last blog entry was under your name “Ned” and not mine. It was because I was logged in to http://www.nedsmission.org making changes as the admin and, of course, the admin name is your name “Ned”. I logged out this time and left this comment, so my name is right now.

  2. Steven Marchessault on 05/12/2011 #

    Nice zebra by the way. Did you take that picture yourself?

  3. Martha Stovall on 05/12/2011 #

    Would like to taste some Injera b’wat – sounds delicious!

  4. Sally McAward on 09/12/2011 #

    Loved the radio interview. Especially the way you tied the historical and cultural ways into your approach of sharing religion with the people.

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