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New Car On The Way To Olbalbal


The new car will look like this one

KINDERMISSIONSWERK “Sternsinger”, Stephanstraße 35, D-52064 Aachen

Father Brendan Smyth CSSp

Centre Spiritain Européen pour la

Coopération et le Développement

Rue de Mérode 78



Project No.: D 11 0154 057

Title:Purchase of a Vehicle for Olbalbal Mission, Archdiocese of Arusha / Tanzania


Dear Father Brendan,

The Toyoto Landcruiser for Olbalbal left Nagoya Japan on the 8th of June. Exepected arrival in Dar is the 10th of July.



Stefanie FrelsProject department

4 Responses to “New Car On The Way To Olbalbal”

  1. Martha Stovall on 19/06/2012 #

    How exciting.

  2. Ned Marchessault on 20/06/2012 #

    Yes Martha, having a dependable vehicle will make a real difference. Another plus will be the size of the car. There are events from time to time in the diocese and area that I would like to attend with a group from Olbalbal and the new car will hold about 13 people. Usually, once a vehicle has arrived at the port of Dar es Salaam, it takes a couple of months to process it. I am hoping all the red tape will not take too long. I am also posting this reply to FB since you cannot read long ones on the site. Ned

  3. Steven Marchessault on 22/06/2012 #

    Hey Ned, congrats on the news of the delivery date of your new truck.

    By the way, I finally fixed your comments issue. You can leave long comments no problem. I basically did away with the old way of leaving comments and went back to the original. Sorry for the delay in addressing this issue.

  4. Ned Marchessault on 23/06/2012 #

    Thank you for fixing the Comments thing. I appreciate your continued help. Martha especially will be pleased.

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