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Maasai market days are great fun. People get together with relatives and friends not seen for weeks, necessities like beads for making jewelry, cloth for wearing, and basic foodstuffs are bought and sold. The cattle market is where people find corn, their staple diet, since there is never enough milk to satisfy hungry stomachs. Tea, sugar, cooking oil, salt and other necessities are also available, and oh yes, and cattle, goats and sheep are bought and sold too.

But the cattle market at Esere some eight miles to the West of Endulen was anything but ordinary and fun on that day just a week ago. Two Irak “julusi” stock traders had trekked their herd of four cows and twenty goats from Mang’loa below the rift wall up onto the highlands near Endulen to sell them to Maasai at the Esere cattle market. It was a sunny beautiful day when a small group of Maasai “julusi” after some offers and counter offers agreed to buy the cattle for a good price. The Maasai not surprisingly suggested that they move off to a nearby dry river bottom for the exchange of cash. This is common practice and regularly done to avoid paying the government tax on livestock sales.

Off they went to the agreed place by the riverbed for to hand over the payment. The Irak never returned to the market and the Maasai haven’t been seen since. The two Irak “julusi” were found with their throats slit from ear to ear and various other deep slashes on their bodies. Within hours a large number of Irak warriors appeared prepared to do battle with the Maasai. This made possible by the recent cell phone explosion. And, Maasai warriors in their hundreds had gathered also. Fortunately, the police also have cell phones and they too arrived in force. It ended up a standoff with the police promising an investigation. The killers had disappeared and the cattle and goats with them. In the past, the incident would have resulted in all out war between the Irak and Maasai, now there would be an investigation. As of yesterday, the 6th of January, Nothing more has been heard of murderers or of the promised investigation.

9 Responses to “Murder”

  1. Carl on 07/01/2012 #

    Good one zoned. I have a bit of a concern that most people do not realize that they can subscribe via RSS to get these comments. Can you or your nephew post a note about that??

    Take care.

  2. Carl on 07/01/2012 #

    “Zoned” should have been “Ned”. iPad corrections at work!!

  3. Art Marchessault on 08/01/2012 #

    I enjoyed going to the markets, felt safe. I still have many of the things I purchased there. A sad situation.

  4. Ned Marchessault on 08/01/2012 #

    Thanks for your comment Art. Yes, everywhere is becoming more dangerous. Normally the cattle markets are safe places to be last week it was different.

  5. Ned Marchessault on 08/01/2012 #

    I don’t know what you mean by “zoned”. I’m sure Steve will be able to address that.

  6. Steven Marchessault on 08/01/2012 #

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks so much for your suggestion of using RSS for visitors to receive follow up comments.

    I just went ahead and installed a new feature that allows people who post comments to check a box that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. This will enable people to receive any follow up comments for the particular blog entry they commented on.

    The RSS option still works if you subscribe to the RSS feed on the home page (and of course are familiar with RSS) but I think the average person will find getting follow up comments by email much easier.

    If you have any more comments/suggestions, please let me know.


  7. Steven Marchessault on 08/01/2012 #

    I just read your blog entry about the two murders. How terrible! Hope they catch the killers and justice is served.

  8. Sharon Marchessault on 15/01/2012 #

    I just read your post regarding the murders. I’m so sorry to hear such a thing would happen at the cattle market. We had such a good time when we went. I do hope justice is served.

  9. Ned Marchessault on 16/01/2012 #

    Thanks for commenting Sharon. Yes, a very sad thing.

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