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Maasai in Custody

There have been suspect arrests in the Cattle Market Slaying of last Friday. Two Maasai warriors were captured just short of the Kenyan border. The police tracked them North across the Serengeti Plains. The culprits had been just about to cross into Kenya and disappear with the goats and cattle somewhere into Kenya Maasai country. Yesterday, prior to the daring daylight capture by the police, a great crowd of Irak warriors had gathered for revenge. They vowed to kill the first four Maasai that they found, slitting their throats, as had been done to their friends. The arrests seem to have scotched that plan and the Irak warriors have dispersed.

The Maasai traditionally pass back and forth across the border without difficulty. There are no checkpoints in the bush and the people of Maa (Maasai) extend out from both sides of the border for hundreds of miles.

3 Responses to “Maasai in Custody”

  1. Steven Marchessault on 09/01/2012 #

    That’s good news. I did a search in Google to see if this story was picked up by any local/national media in Tanzania or elsewhere. Couldn’t find anything except your blog. https://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=tanzania+murder+cattle+market

  2. Ned Marchessault on 10/01/2012 #

    Yes, no one is trying to bury the news. No pun intended. But the Conservation Authority of Ngorongoro would not want to publicize it because of possibly affecting the tourist situation. News media of any kind is many hundreds of miles away. This works against the Maasai when their own interests are in question. The agitation of the local people to have limited cultivation rights is an example.

  3. Steven Marchessault on 10/01/2012 #

    Yeah wow that makes a lot of sense. It’s a shame they put these tourism dollars ahead of the local people. I wonder if this will ever change.

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