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Impatient Kid

One of my Maasai friends on Facebook, Lazaro Ngijuka, shared this picture. Some will do anything for a drink. Click “continue reading” for the picture.

8 Responses to “Impatient Kid”

  1. Martha Stovall on 23/02/2012 #

    I can’t stop laughing – what a great shot!

  2. LOL… yeah seriously, that should be submitted in some funniest picture of the year contest.  It would win.  The little boy is just the right height.  

  3. Barbara on 04/03/2012 #

    OK – this is HILARIOUS.

  4. I just love this picture!!!. . . ..

  5. Ned Marchessault on 05/03/2012 #

    Yes! Looks like he could get stepped on. I wonder where his mother was at the time.

  6. Ned Marchessault on 05/03/2012 #

    Glad it wasn’t a video.I would be waiting for the kid to get stomped on.

  7. Sara Marchessault on 08/03/2012 #

    What a smart little guy!! Holding on to one and drinking from the other!!

  8. Ned Marchessault on 09/03/2012 #

    Yes Sara, a clever kid living dangerously. Thank you for your comment. I enjoy following you on facebook.

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