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Heart Breaking

These days, many Maasai girls are coming to ask for help with school fees for secondary school. They come most often with their mothers. It is heart breaking to see the happiness in the eyes of the mothers at their daughters being “chosen” by the government to go on with their studies in high school. The parents come with high hopes that education will enable their child to find a good job later on and help the family to have a better life. In most cases it is a forlorn hope. The schools are hopelessly poor. There are few books and few teachers. The teachers that are stationed in the schools are often reluctant to live and teach in the bush. Unless the child is exceptionally bright and takes advantage of every tidbit of available resource, he or she will leave after four years of secondary school with nothing. I do help each family that comes to me, at least a little. But, I do so for the sake of showing some solidarity with the parents, knowing that, in most cases, it is a useless gesture. I prefer to look for one or two primary school graduates each year that are clever and have done really well in grade school. I send the one or two to a good school that has books, good teachers and other resources. This is what I have done in the case of Fabi Meing’oru, whom I wrote about a few days ago. In this way, I am hoping that the funds people entrust to me for the education of Maasai girls will have some positive impact, both for the individual student and for the Maasai.

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