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Gaglione Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Joe Gaglione, my classmate brought me here to San Diego today where I’ll catch my flight to Tanzania tomorrow evening. We just had lunch at the sandwich shop of his three nephews. Joey treated us to what the menu designates as “The Father Joe”, a gargantuan cheesesteak on a huge hot dog bun. I’m all set for the trip…won’t be looking to eat another thing till I’m back in Maasai country.

3 Responses to “Gaglione Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich”

  1. Sharon Marchessault on 09/12/2011 #

    What a wonderful memory to take back to Africa.

  2. Ned Marchessault on 09/12/2011 #

    Thanks for your comment Sharon. Yes, 10,000 calories and a great memory. …ned

  3. Barbara Lewis on 13/12/2011 #

    Totally worth the calories :-D

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