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Cattle Carcasses Burned

In my thirty two years here at Ngorongoro we have had some pretty serious dry seasons but in all those years the situation never progressed to the point that th veterinary department had to collect the carcasses of the dead cattle and burn them, fearing the spread of diseases. Now it has happened.

Cattle carcasses burned by veterinarians at Endulen Ngorongoro.

During the last couple of weeks the rains have come and the situation is getting better, but the grass came to late for many of the older and weaker animals. There was just nothing for the cattle to graze on for weeks at a time. The rains are just in time for many of the cattle to survive.

Here in our immediate area of Olbalbal there are not so many cattle. Since we live on the edge of the desert, the herds here are mainly sheep and goats. These thrive in the desert areas but the drought this year has been so serious that even some of these hardy animals have succumbed.

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