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Rokoine & Sophia

Rokoine and Sophia were married last week at their “boma” here in Olbalbal. It was a good celebration and attended by large numbers of well wishers. I had the privilege of blessing their wedding. Rokoine is studying finances at the University and Sophia is a high school graduate.

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A highly unusual and heart rending hyena incursion into a nearby Maasai village took place this week. It happened at the time of night when everyone was deeply asleep. The father of the family was on guard and asleep in the goat and sheep pen in the center of the village, a short distance from […]

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Esupat Dead of a Broken Heart

I had a funeral this week. Esipat has died of a broken heart. This is one of the saddest events that has taken place here at Olbalbal in a long time. Before his death some years ago, Esupat’s husband arranged the marriage of his daughter, Nasha. He accepted gifts of tobacco and honey beer, and […]

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