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I was the only girl at the camp who played

“I was the only girl at the camp who played,” recalls the UVA head women’s basketball coach, “and I was always on the periphery, wanting to do what all the boys did. One day, [West] started his lecture and called me out and asked me to demonstrate my jump shot. I looked to see who […]

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Fr. Arkado Talks Water

Someone once said that the cause of World War III will be … water! Shrinking freshwater resources, the expanding Sahara, and yearly droughts all seem to confirm this theory. Water in Africa is priceless … where it is, there is a life. Because of that, here in Africa, rain is considered as a BLESSING! The […]

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Honey Harvesting at Lorlmunyi

Recently, Fr. Arkado spent a couple of days with our Christian community at Lormunyi in the mountains above Olbalbal. Now is the time of honey harvesting and Arkado went with the people into the forest for some honey collecting. On his return, he gave me the following description of his experience of Maasai honey harvesting. […]

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