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Catechist family Meeting

Last week my catechists and their wives have gathered here at the mission for a week of discussions, presentations and time together. They came on Sunday evening and returned to their homes on Friday. One of the subjects of discussion was polygamy. Usually, catechists say that they commit to having only one wife. In many […]

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The Custom of “embuata”

Many visitors to Maasai country remark of the fact that Maasai do not have the lower two front teeth. A Maasai elder recently talked with me about this fact. It is called “embuata which means the extracting of the two middle incisors of the lower jaw. A knife is used with which to perform the […]

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A Different Perspective

We normally talk about the “Prodigal Son” parable of Jesus in terms of the old merciful father showing us that God is our merciful father. Matayo OleTajeuo recently composed a song based on that story of Jesus, but his take on the meaning of the parable is very different than one might expect. He immediately […]

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