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Child collided with a Leopard

The past few days has seen some horrendous nighttime leopard attacks. In the village within site of the mission, a leopard jumped the thorn bush fence at 11:00 PM and grabbed a small goat of about a month old. A small boy, startled into wakefulness by the bleating of the goatherd, ran out of a […]

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A month of “a, b, c”

During the month of June, we undertook a program of remedial study for the grade school kids here at Olbalbal. Many of the primary school kids are really weak. There are some in fourth grade that don’t yet know the alphabet. Individual attention by a teacher does not seem exist here. We hoped that a […]

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A neighbor died this week. He had been having major stomach pains and swelling for about a week and a half. Some days ago he was taken to a hospital run by Europeans at Karatu, the nearest town two hours away. Then, after a couple of days with no improvement, he was taken to the […]

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