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A Team Effort

During a couple of weeks our six religious teachers banded together for a team teaching effort. Usually each of the teachers has his own area in which he visits the Maasai villages for prayer and bible based teaching. On Sundays he gathers the people for a prayer service in a central place. Fr. Arkado and […]

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A Dangerous Game

Growing up in America, one learns very early the importance of saying “thank you.” Kids that don’t learn this lesson are constantly being told to say thank you. It is so ingrained in us that a child who doesn’t say thank you is sometimes looked upon as badly brought up, Here in Maasai country a […]

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Hyenas attacking Donkeys

The Maasai depend very much on their donkeys. Many travel long distances to draw water and to buy the corn meal that is an important part of their diet. Without donkeys the women would find it impossible to carry the heavy containers of water and bags of cornflower over long distances. Hence, a donkey is […]

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