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Hyenas Attack Cattle

This week saw a horrendous hyena attack in at of the nearby Maasai villages. In the middle of the day a small herd of cattle was grazing near the village. Without warning a pack of hyenas, about five, appeared within the herd. Before the young boys herding the cattle could raise the alarm, the hyenas […]

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Back to School

These days Tanzanian schools are opening for the new term. It is a stressful time. School fees must be found and paid and all the needs of the new term looked after, from notebooks to mattresses. Three of the students that I support for their education are returning to their various schools. Lenkangu returns for […]

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Two Cobras and a Scorpion

This has been a scary week. A few days ago a sharp pain in my hand rudely awakened me. A scorpion had stung me. I felt a sharp pain in the hand that was hanging over the side of the bed. On turning on the bedside solar light, I saw a small scorpion scurrying away […]

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